Should MA Keep Jobs For Toll Collectors?

Gov. Deval Patrick says the state’s toll system will be fully automated by 2015.

Though users of the EZPass service never have to stop for a toll collector on the Mass Pike now, in just over two years, no one will have to.

Gov. Deval Patrick said today that all toll collectors will be phased out by 2015 to make way for a fully automated toll taking system on the Mass Pike, according to Boston.com.

Patrick the state will provide a “dignified and soft landing” for the 410 toll workers who would be laid off, according to the news site.

Do you think the state should move to the new automated system or should Massachusetts stick with the system in place now? Tell us in the comments. 

sistersinger December 12, 2012 at 07:16 PM
No way. I understand it will cost $100,000.000 to go to the new system. My goodness. And the company claims we will earn it back plus 200,000, 000 in 3 years. Is this guaranteed, or could it possibly be that the company making the tolls totally automated could just be trying to make an enormous amount of money? we have enough unemployed people as it is and we do not need more. Frankly i am sick of so much automation. And how is it that we have $100,000,000 just sitting around to spend on new gizmos? why not use the money to hire some more humans?
Pam December 15, 2012 at 10:35 AM
Could not agree more with you sistersinger! There are far to many automation machine. I personally refuse to go to self checks. We need jobs not machines. The companies that have these automations machine do not sell items cheeper, or give you a discount for using them. In other words the rich get richer and the poor just keep loosing their jobs. Never mind human interaction is a good thing. Slowing down to wish the toll take a happy holiday, get directions, or my families favorite paying it forward for the car behind us. Imagine actually being nice, friendly, kind, to our fellow workers. A value we are loosing along with 410 families that now need jobs.


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