Patch Picks: Best Halloween Candy Alternatives

Don't want to give out candy? Check out some other ideas.

Tired of giving out the same fun-sized bags of candy on Halloween? Looking for a perhaps healthier or non-food idea to hand out on the upcoming holiday? Patch Picks today provides some ideas, a week ahead of the Oct. 31 holiday.

I'll start with a disclaimer that I'm not to be blamed if your house gets egged or toilet papered by little ghouls or goblins whose sweet tooth you angered by handing out pencils or raisins.

That said, you might be looking for some Halloween candy alternatives. Here's some inspiration:

  • Homemade treats: A lot of these end up in the trash can thanks to razor-blade fearing parents. But if you live in a tight-knit neighborhood where everyone knows your name, take a crack at a homemade treat like popcorn balls, Rice Krispy treats or another concoction from your cauldron.
  • Snacks: Goldfish crackers, peanut butter crackers, or other totable items might make parents thank you when it comes to packing school lunches.
  • School supplies: Who couldn't use another pencil, pen or eraser? Bonus points for Halloween-themed items.
  • Dried fruits: Raisins were never popular when I was growing up, but they are good on oatmeal or in cookies. Dried cranberries, bananas, apricots or trail mixes are also good ideas. They're less real, but fruit snacks can be popular with kids.
  • Nuts: You don't get them on many planes anymore, but the fun-sized bags of nuts still do exist. Trick or Treaters might just go nuts for your selection. (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

Most of these items can be found at Sudbury Farms, Shaws, Rite Aid or other local stores. Plus, your kids can stock up on eggs and toilet paper while you're forgoing the candy aisle (we're kidding, of course).

Do you have other non-candy Halloween hand-out ideas? Leave yours in the comments.


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