No Norovirus Outbreak in Brookline

The Health Department has a few tips on how to avoid the norovirus.

While new strains of the norovirus have made their way to the United States, Brookline Department of Health Director Alan Balsam said that there is no outbreak in Brookline. “From our latest data on communicable diseases, we see some sporadic activity in town,” Balsam said.

“The best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently and thoroughly,” Balsam said. “If you start experiencing the symptoms, do not go to work or school until they pass.”

Balsam said that there have been outbreaks in the past, but so far, Brookline has been spared of any heavy activity. “The norovirus is unpleasant and highly contagious, but not that dangerous unless you are older, younger or have a compromised immune system.”

On Thursday, Patch reported that 2.5 percent of all emergency room visits are related to gastrointestinal problems in Boston.

There is more information available at the Brookline Health Department’s Website.



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