New Sightings in Search for Tessa Lehane

There was a potential Tessa sighting in the Chestnut Hill area.

On Sunday, there was a potential Tessa sighting in the Chestnut Hill area. The area is specific includes Heath Street, Hammond Street and Hammond Parkway, Fernwood, Soule Recreation area, Pine Manor College.

These sightings are “as confirmed as humanly possible,” Lehane’s assistant, Theresa Milewski said. “It is probably her, but we have no pictures or any way of identifying her.”

“As we get into the over two-week point, it has kind of felt like we are spinning our wheels,” Milewski said. “But the volunteers are keeping us going. They keep telling us not to loose hope. We don’t know where they get their energy from, but Dennis and Angie aren’t giving up if the volunteers don’t give up.”

Milewski said that the issue with the missing signs and the DPW had been sorted out, so long as the signs weren’t on street signs or trees.“The statement about the fines from the DPW was not trying to be accusatory or anything.”

The Lehane family has stressed that they will not ask any questions or press charges against anyone who may have Tessa. The dog's been missing since Christmas Eve.

 Lehane has issued an original reward; he’ll name a character in his next book after the person who finds the dog.


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