Mike's Barber Shop a Brookline Village Classic

Where do you get your haircut in Brookline?

The classic scent of Barbicide, Talc powder and other hair tonics complimented with the sound of shears, the buzz of the razor and big brass band from the radio fills the room in Mike’s Barbershop at 225 Washington Street.

Owner Mike Aronov has owned Mike’s Barber Shop for seven years after working at Capital Barber Shop in downtown. “This shop has been here 80 years,” Arnov said. “I have been cutting hair for 35 years. Since high school.”

Aronov started cutting hair in the Ukraine, and came to America 19 years ago after the Communists took control. “I remember my country. I have been back there and everything has changed. Nothing like it was,” Aronov said. “The cities and places are the same, but everything has changed there. It’s like another life. I changed too.”  

Aronov said that 80 percent of his business is walk-ins from the street between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.. “That is the business climate in the area. The holidays make for a busy time of year,” Aronov said. “People have to look good for the family, I guess.”




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