Magic Beans Offers Toys and Gear for All Ages

The Coolidge Corner shop offers toys, car seats, strollers and more.

Tis the season for toy shopping. If you have a young one, Magic Beans at 312 Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner is the spot to buy baby gear and toys for the holidays.

“We’re a full, specialty baby store. We sell strollers and car seats as well as other baby products and toys,” Eli Gurock said.

Gurock, 34, was teaching high school art history in 2004 when he decided to make the switch. 

Eli and his wife, Sheri, noticed that a bunch of toy stores were going out of business in the early 2000’s and decided to act. “My wife and I thought ‘Hey, we should open a toy store,’ but we noticed no one in New England was doing the modern baby store approach,” Gurock said. “We have three kids and couldn’t find strollers or car seats anywhere.” 

Gurock praised the business climate in Brookline. “The nice thing about Brookline is that people like to support local business. People come back again and again,” Gurock said. “Coolidge Corner has a ton of local businesses that people love.”

Magic Beans has stores in Coolidge Corner, Wellesley, Cambridge, and Hingham. 


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