Let's Talk About Turkeys

Winged creatures have been terrorizing Brookline for a good length of time now.

Turkeys have been the source of some recent frustration in town. These vicious and ill-tempered birds have terrorized residents and postal workers for months now.

At Tuesday’s Selectmen meeting, Selectman Nancy Daily said, “Progress made on turkey problem. Animal Control detained a turkey this week. A gang of three has harassed a mailman.

Animal Rescue League and Animal Control were called in for the removal of one turkey, but two still at large.” According to the Boston Globe, Brookline police were able to catch one of the troublesome trio.

A public safety meeting was held in December to discuss this issue and action has been taken since.

So, using the comments section, let’s talk turkeys: Have you or someone you know been attacked? Where do these attacks happen most frequently? What time of day do they occur? How did you escape? 


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