Hubway Bike Network Extending to Brookline by Spring

New financial plan from planning director Jeff Levine enables Brookline to install Hubway bike stations by Spring of 2012.

Come the Spring, Brookline may see more green and gray bikes rolling down Harvard Street. Last night, the Selectmen unanimously approved a financial plan and contract with Alta Bicycle Sharing, which would bring the town into the .

Planning and Community Development Director Jeff Levine presented the financial plan, which would allow for four bike stations in town. Grants from the state clean air and mobility and Federal Transit Authority provide the bulk of the funds from, with local matching funds from the Hubway gift and Gateway East gift accounts. Money for this is not coming from the Town's general funds. 

The total, over $420,000, allows for the installation of four stations in Brookline: three with a capacity for 15 bikes to dock, and one holding up to 19 docked bikes. The locations of two of these docking stations has yet to be finalized, although Levine says the bicycle sharing committee has some locations in mind. The remaining two stations will be placed in in Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner. 

"We are not married to any location we select. So, let's say we select JFK crossing, and it's a total bust. We can move them. There's a small change fee, but we don't have to wait an entire Hubway season to move it," Selectwoman Jesse Mermell pointed out. "We have some flexibility."

The program, which  over the summer, has thus far logged over 140,000 riders in a season shortened by the July launch. Hubway and Alta representative Scott Mullen added that of those, there have only been two minor incidents and no injuries.  

Selectman Chairperson Betsy DeWitt said, after the vote, "I would like to thank Selectman Mermell, the bike share committee and staff. It sounds like we’ve reached a good plan, and a good network to be attached to."

JBrookline December 15, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Fantastic - Hubway will see a lot of use among Brookline residents. The third location should definitely go to Washington Square, with its density of residents and burgeoning restaurant scene. The final location will probably be a toss-up between St Mary's and JFK Crossing. I'd argue for JFK Crossing because St Mary's currently has a Boston Hubway station nearby at Audubon Circle/Park Drive and other Boston Hubway stops exist by BU.
Grahame Turner December 16, 2011 at 05:39 AM
That's some good feedback. I'd recommend contacting Jeff Levine and telling him. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a Hubway station in Washington Square.


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