Help Pick the Pic of the Week

The photo you pick could be the Pic of the Week. All you have to do is tell us!

Each week in Brookline, there are a huge number of stories, and with each one we post photos or appropriate art. At the end of the week, the Sunday noontime Week in Review post catches all of the stories so you don't miss anything.

Picking one photo to represent the week isn't always easy, but you can help. Throughout the week, let us know when you spot your favorite picture of the week. Send in an e-mail, or a tweet, Facebook post, or comment on the article. The photo you pick could be featured in the Week in Review, with thanks.

Did you really love a piece? Perhaps one of the breaking news items struck a chord? Is there another story you feel deserves a second mention? All you have to do is pick the Pic, we'll do the rest and thank you for it!


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