Get Out: Trip Around the Carousel

Get out this weekend. A turn around the carousel, learn how to prepare your garden, and find some new insights in a classic film.

When/Where: Boston Common, 84 Beacon Street. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday (through Thursday) 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Why: The Carousel is back at Boston Common, and it's a perfect place to bring the kids. Welcome the summer with a ride on your favorite creatures. The ride is available during the summer, and is handicap accessible. 
Pricing: $3

When/Where: Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, 2450 Beacon Street, noon on Saturday.
Why: Bringing water to the cities and towns of the Boston area did require wrangling the precious resource. Come and learn about the series of projects leading up to the large reservoirs in the area. Marcis Kempe, MWRA engineer, is reviewing and discussing stories of Wachusett, Quabbin, and other large reservoir projects.
Pricing: Free

When/Where: 1 p.m. Saturday at Why: Pruning your roses can help them during the spring growth period, but it is possible to do it wrong. This weekend, the Friends of the Minot Rose Garden are hosting a workshop to help you do just that, lead by Master Rosarian David Cannistraro Bring some drinking water, gardening gloves and hand pruners (if you have a pair).
Pricing: Free

When/Where: Saturday, at 1:30 p.m., ,
Why: In the classic "Singing in the Rain" Gene Kelly and some fellow silent film stars make the troubling transition to sound. This weekend, renowned film critic Dan Kimmel is swinging by EPOCH to watch and discuss the film. Watch the classic, and learn a little about its history. Space is limited, so call ahead to RSVP to Julie Bolt at 617-879-2589.
Pricing: Free

When/Where: , 11 a.m. Sunday.
Why: One of the Shakespeare's well-known plays, and a brilliant score by Prokofiev meet at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Watch as the two star-crossed lovers meet for the first time, and watch their tale unfold to the climax in the tomb. 


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