Five Things You Need to Know Today: November 28

Cyber Monday continues the holiday shopping season.

  1. The National Weather Service report for Brookline tells us we're in for a pretty warm day. Temperatures should see 62ºF highs and 47ºF lows. If you're out and about before 10 a.m. (or after 1 a.m.), you may well see some fog. 
  2. Today is Cyber Monday. Your favorite online retailers may have some great deals on the holiday shopping you still need to get done. If you buy something online, stop back later, and take our Poll. 
  3. According to food blog StillTasty, and LifeHacker, any Thanksgiving leftovers you have may be on the way out. Stuffing and Turkey especially need to be used up today, or frozen. That is, except for your gravy, which may already be past its best. 
  4. The  are coming to a close this week. The last clinic is on Wednesday. There is also a clinic today at 10 a.m. at the . They're free, but you'll want to snag your Medicare card and wear a shirt with some loose sleeves.
  5. If you're interested in how Brookline's town government functions, and its relationship with the larger legislature, stop by the  today. Starting at 10:30 a.m., the subcommittee are discussing endorsement of collaborative legislation at the . 


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