Five Things You Need to Know Today: March 5

Five things

1. Cool, but fairly clear day. 33ºF highs, lows of 14ºF, and mostly sunny by day--mostly clear by night. This is what we've got in the National Weather Service forecast

2. Following the MBTA meeting last week,  is hosting their own . It's running at 1 p.m. today. Don't forget to catch up on the latest by reading the "" piece.

3. The SAT is a big event for a lot of high schoolers, and can help make or break a college application. Fortunately, your high schoolers can get a hand with . It's out at 575 Washington Street in Newton, and starts at 4 p.m. Classes cost $335.

4. Food. Purim. Friends. The  tonight, 7:30 p m., at  combines the best of those things together. At the event, you'll be making, baking and taking some Hamantash home. It'll run you $10. 

5. Having hosted a reception last night,  kicked off their latest exhibit featuring  features the artist's oil paintings steeped in the Italian-American culture in which she grew up. Swing by the cafe to check out her art.


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