Five Things You Need to Know Today: June 13

Five things today, as we launch our new summer reading lists from James Patterson!

1. Rain. It's going to rain, likely until about 2 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. They're also predicting some patchy fog before 11 a.m. In the evening, the chance of rain tapers off to about a 30 percent chance. Highs of 66ºF and lows of 58ºF are also in the forecast. 

2. James Patterson has provided Patch with a selection of reading materials for kids who are looking to get a few summer reading books under their belts, and they're all here: , ,, .

3. If you're giving birth soon, and are curious about what to expect--whether it's at home, or in a hospital, then perhaps you'll want to take the  at 520 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Classes will run $280 and have only a handful of couples in them.

4. The  is at the  to practice again tonight! At 7 p.m., you can stop by to hear what they're working on--or bring your instruments and join in. You may recall them from our. 

5. Tonight, at 7 p.m., Alan Furst is on a Mission to Paris. Well, the characters in his novel "Mission to Paris" are--Furst himself may swing by the before heading into to talk about his new book. 


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