Five Things You Need to Know Today: July 31

Today's five things: Red Sox at Staples, music, and posting your own news. Don't forget to vote in Readers Choice!

1. There may be some patches of fog if you're out and about before 8 a.m., but otherwise a partly sunny day is what the National Weather Service is saying you can expect. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms later tonight, about 20 percent, mostly after 11 p.m. High of 76ºF, low of 62ºF. 

2. A number of great announcements and events were posted on the site, and some of them made it to the front page. Patch is a site about you, meaning Patch needs to hear from you: got something fun coming up? . Recently accomplish something? !

3. You've signed your babies, toddlers and twos for the 's class on , right? Well, they're starting the session at 9:30 a.m., and you can expect some music and fun to keep your kids moving. Class runs $120. 

4. Sox Fans, especially those with the return of the school year pending,  at 401 Park Drive in Boston (the Landmark Center). The title says it all! Get a picture, and some back to school supplies. 

5. The is running once again. Have a favorite business? Check the categories and see whether your favorite was nominated and made it into the contest. Then, vote for the best! Name your favorite ,, or even . 


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