Five Things You Need to Know Today: October 4

The Farmer's Market is running into its last few weeks, you may need some inner peace after the debate last night, and a woman who died a lot (in a book).

1. Looks like rain: an 80 percent chance of showers all day, and 80 percent chance of heavy rain all night. The National Weather Service says there will be less than a quarter of an inch of rain during the day, possibly up to an inch in the evening. Temperatures should range between 67ºF and 55ºF. 

2. As the election heats up, you will likely have some thoughts you want to share. Patch, as always, will take your letters to the editor and is happy to have you run a blog. Share your thoughts with the people of Brookline. Email editor Grahame Turner for more information.

3. There are only three more weeks of the Brookline Farmer's Market for this year. Have you been swearing you'll make it, and haven't gone yet? Best make plans. The market, as ever, runs from 1:30 p.m. to dusk from the Centre Street lot

4. If you could step into your favorite books and meet the characters, what would you pick? What great mysteries of literature do you want to solve? Someone who knows a bit about just that, Thursday Next--star of a series by Jasper Fforde "The Woman Who Died A Lot" is the subject of tonight's Brookline Booksmith author event at the Coolidge Corner Theatre Tickets are $5 each.

5. Take a deep breath, then Release Your Stress and Find Your Inner Peace. If that didn't work (or if it did and you want to know why), then tonight's presentation at the High School is on just that. The course runs $87


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