Five Things You Need to Know: June 27

A Bountiful Brookline survey, and Lisa See at the Booksmith, on a sunny summery day.

  1. Weather today promises to be warm for most of the day, highs of 82. Getting down to a low of about 62 this evening. So, dress light and cool for the day, and a little warmer tonight.
  2. Bountiful Brookline is looking for some feedback on a survey they recently . The questions have to do with your gardening habits and gardening in Brookline.
  3. The first day of summer was last week, June 21, but today is the first day of Summer programs at some local establishments, like and . Call ahead to register for the programs at the Music School, or at Tai Chi.
  4. The book is "Dreams of Joy" by , and it continues the story of May, Pearl and Joy. As Joy runs away to China and joins the Red Socity of New China, Pearl has to return to the country and confront her past. She'll be at the  at 7 p.m. tonight. 
  5. Just across the street, get a taste of the sweet life in "La Dolce Vita." Frederico Fellini's classic satire gets a special screening at the , starting at 7 p.m. The film was condemned by the Vatican and lauded by critics with a top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. It is a frank, honest satire dealing with some adult topics, and it'll cost you $9 for tickets.


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