Five Things: January 30, Folk Music Programs

Here are five things going on in town today.

1. Weather: The National Weather Service predicts a cloudy, foggy day with a high near 58. The evening will be rainy with a low of 52.

2. Yoga for Adults at Brookline Music School: Sign up for adult yoga classes at the Brookline Music School at 8:30 a.m.

3. Music Classes at Brookline Music School: Brookline Music School’s Term II (Spring) programs begin January 29, 2013, offering a variety of classes and private instruction for all ages and abilities. Term II runs for 15 weeks.

4. FOLK MUSIC PROGRAMS: Folk music includes the wealth of songs that we play and sing for our own enjoyment. This acoustic music is not performance art - no need to rehearse or arrange before you join in.  Our American traditional folk repertoire draws from blues and ballads, lullabies, work songs, dance music and more, and the Hammonds love to help this music thrive.

5. DANE Kids Hip Hop: Have a child that is interested in dance?  Bring them to DANE, where they can engage in a high energy, choreography focused hip-hop class!  In class, they will learn basic steps and fundamental techniques that will culminate in a fun, challenging dance performance!



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