Banned in Brookline: Plastic Bags

Town Meeting voted to ban the use of plastic bags for 2013.

After voting to ban Styrofoam food and drink containers, Brookline Town Meeting voted to prohibit supermarkets from using plastic check out bags on Wednesday night.

Clint Richmond, Town Meeting member, said that he hoped this vote would inspire statewide action against the unsustainable, environmentally unfriendly grocery bags.

The ban will prevent the use of plastic bags at the point of sale in December 2013.

Brookline Selectman Dick Benka called the ban “misguided” because while grocery stores are restricted, the new law does not target sandwich shops and convenience stores.

Other Town Meeting members expressed their opposition to this ban because of the convenience and the sanitary benefit plastic bags offer.

“I own dogs,” Gary Jones said. “Not lapdogs or little ones, mind you. I’m talking about mastiffs. Banning heavy volume plastic bags is a health concern. And I am not the only big dog owner in Brookline.”

While the concern of convenience was understood by all, the question of environmental effects won the day.

“In the end, we have to decided if we want to be a throw away society or if we want to have a planet for our children and our grandchildren,” Town Meeting member Andrew Fischer said.

After an hour and twenty-plus minutes of debate and discussion, the ban was approved by a vote of 142 to 53. 

Sally Tso November 15, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Styrofoam should be banned. I use plastic grocery bags for my dog, but many people don't, and one can buy rolls of dog bags pretty cheaply, so I'm also in favor of banning plastic supermarket bags.
Shanna Giora-Gorfajn November 15, 2012 at 03:26 PM
We did that too, Sally: http://brookline.patch.com/articles/banned-in-brookline-polystyrene-food-and-beverage-containers
steve November 15, 2012 at 08:51 PM
I hope all business leaves brookline. Once again this pathetic liberal city shoving personal agenda down our throats. Why don't these politicians deal with important stuff like lowering taxes or enabling business to thrive instead of driving up.costs nice one. Everything should be up for vote by the people not these idiots that are all prius driving tree huggers trying to look important by.saying I drafted this law. This country is not a free country anymore we have less and less choices that are ours and more mandates from idiots in office. We are closer to be being China or Russia than you think


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