Local couple expands successful start-up, creates additional jobs

EverPresent, founded by Eric and Jennifer Niloff of Brookline, moves its high-tech “white glove” photo and video digitizing operations to Watertown, actively hiring additional staff


(July 2, 2014) Newton, Mass. — EverPresent, which helps families digitize media collections and share memories across generations, has expanded its high-tech production operations to Watertown.


The memory preservation service was founded two years ago by Eric and Jennifer Niloff, who live in Brookline with their two young children.


More than 30 photo and video technicians will work at the new 2,500-square-foot production center, at 200 Dexter Ave. in Watertown, while consultants will continue to meet with clients at company headquarters in Newton (1024 Chestnut St.) and in homes throughout New England. EverPresent technicians utilize best-in-class “white glove” technology to meticulously digitize all old media formats — from photos to scrapbooks, VHS tapes to 8mm films. Designers and consultants then work with families to insure memories are shared across generations.


The expansion to Watertown represents continued growth for the thriving start-up, which has attracted respected angel investors from Facebook and Reebok, as well as recognition from the nation’s premier photo preservation association. In less than two years, the company has grown to about 40 employees, hiring every month. It is actively hiring additional technicians to work at the new Watertown production headquarters.


EverPresent’s success rests on its uncompromising commitment to quality and old-fashioned approach to customer service, in an era when many photo services are impersonal, expedient and only accessible online. Company consultants meet with clients in their homes or in EverPresent’s comfortable office, gathering images and stories. Everything is returned in digitized, custom-organized archives, labeled and searchable by topic, date, person and more. Sights and sounds become moving stories in photo memory books, slideshows, custom videos and online formats.


EverPresent CEO and Newton native Eric Niloff says he’s proud to create new jobs in the area and anticipates future growth.


About EverPresent:

EverPresent was founded in Newton, Mass., in 2012 with the mission of ensuring the sounds, stories and images of the past are recorded for the future. EverPresent prides itself in doing all its work locally and enjoys helping clients create beautiful gifts from their digital collections. EverPresent’s headquarters is located at 1024 Chestnut St. in Newton, and can be found online at www.everpresentonline.com.


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