The Winner of Brookline's Best Wine Store is...

With a strong showing in the poll, and a slew of new reviews, the winner has been picked. After a tough race, it came down to the comments to help decide this week's winner.

This week's Best Of Patch Reader's Choice poll had our strongest showing so far: 700 votes, 26 comments, and a slew of new on the store . 

Judging by the poll numbers,  had the strongest showing, netting 49 percent of the 700 votes in the poll. This put them more than 100 votes ahead of second place and far ahead of , the third-place competitor. 

However, poll numbers are not the only factor in selecting the Best Of Winner. Reviews are key, and made judging the winner all that more difficult. First place in reviews went to scrappy newcomers, TerraVino, with a tie for second place going to VinoDivino and . 

This puts Brookline's Best Of Patch Reader's Choice poll at a tie for first. In an ideal world, everyone gets a certificate--but we only have one to give away. So, to break the tie, we tallied up . Twelve comments to six between the two finalists, and the winner is...

TerraVino joins the rest of the Winner's Circle, where we have , the ; , ; the best  at ;  spot ;  with ; and  home of the .

As in past weeks, they will receive a framed Brookline Best of Patch Readers' Choice certificate and their directory listing will be added to the Readers' Choice 2012 category.

Disappointed VinoDivino fans, the news is still good: while their Brookline store came in a close second, they are still getting some love from Patch for , which !

Come back later today to nominate your favorite flower stores for next week's poll. 


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