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'Superheroes' To Face Off With MBTA Finance Committee Today

The 'Fast Five,' a project of the T Riders Union in which members dress up as superheroes representing MBTA debt solutions, are attending today's public MBTA Finance Committee meeting.

The Fast Five have attended multiple  in colorful garb, and today they're going to try and "take back our public transit system" during an open MBTA Finance Committee meeting with their proposals, which are matched 1-1 with each "superhero's" identity. 

The meeting will be at today at 11 a.m. at 10 Park Plaza in Boston in the MBTA Boardroom on the third floor, and all are welcome to attend.  For those who can't make it, here's a rundown on the Fast Five and what they represent, from their website

Snow Removal Man seeks to "Transfer MassDOT's snow removal funds to the MBTA, as a mild winter has left much of the money unused."

MBCR Rock Star recommends we "Hold MBCR accountable for service!," since "in the past two years, fines should have been assessed for delayed commuter rail trains, inadequately cleaned stations and missed performance measures."

Massport Hero wants Massport, rather than the MBTA, to assume "operations of the Silver Line bus (SL1) to Logan Airport as well as all ferry services."

Bank Boy wants the MBTA to renegotiate "bad interest rate swaps with banks including Deutsche Bank, UBS & JP Morgan Chase."

UPass Hero says the MBTA should "Implement a UPass program at universities to provide MBTA access for local college students," and that this will save the MBTA $60 million.  

Think these superheroes have a chance?  Weigh in in the comments section.  


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