Q&A: Busted Knuckle Owners Talk Biking in West Roxbury

What are the kids riding these days? Where's a good place to teach kids to ride? And how safe is Centre Street for biking?


There's no better time to bicycle than on one of the many beautiful days this summer. In West Roxbury, we've got a great hands-on bicycle shop owned by Jay and Cheryl Devitt, who know about saving their customers money at the . 

Patch asked Cheryl about the business, bicycling in West Roxbury, and what's popular these days.


Patch: How does the bicycle business differ from season to season, such as winter and summer. Does it? 

Cheryl Devitt: As you might imagine, the summer is particularly busy for us. Families go away on vacation and take their bikes. Folks come in and get their kids' bikes tuned up for camp. It's a far nicer time of year to ride than winter. Though with the extremely mild past winter, we saw a good deal of commuters continue to ride though the season. 

Patch: You've been in business in West Roxbury for how long now? How has the Busted Knuckle Bicycle Shop evolved?

Devitt: We marked our first anniversary on April 29th of this year. The shop started as a notion, from there we met with realtors, leased our current location, demolished walls, primed and painted and started acquiring accounts from our distributers (Hawley, J&B, Serfas), then from bike companies (initially Redline, now Niner, Schwinn, GT, and Tern folding bikes). We have a broader selection of new bikes and the walls are nearly filled with seats, locks, lights, grips, pedals, bells, helmets and tools. It makes finding space for new inventory a bit challenging! Most recently, we established an account with Nutcase Helmets, their products are fresh and bold and will appeal to men and women, we're excited to be receiving our recent order from them. 

Patch: What bicycle or bicycling equipment is popular with the kids these days?

Devitt: A lot of parents have been special ordering Schwinn bicycles for their kids, most recently a pink Stardust for a daughter's birthday. I think there's definitely brand recognition and nostalgia surrounding Schwinn. We've sold several of their Gremlin model (see attached photo) and just got in the Aerostar (see attached photo).

Patch: How is for bicyclists? 

Devitt: In terms of West Roxbury's bike friendliness, there's certainly room for improvement. Centre Street is particularly tough as people are generally speeding or driving below the speed limit and there is no bike lane. There's the sidewalk, but that too is imperfect for obvious reasons. 

Patch: Where do you like to bicycle in West Roxbury?

Devitt: Jay likes to ride along the VWF, I am still leary of street riding due to a couple of serious bike accidents from years back and prefer a quick jaunt to the Brendan Behan from South to Centre (JP has bike lanes) or around the Arboretum.

Patch: Where do you think are some good local places for kids to learn how to bicycle?

Devitt: If a family wants to take their kid out on a test ride, we often suggest . I taught a young friend to ride there, between the path and the grass and the courts, if they're empty, there's plenty of room and no stress due to cars. There's also or parking lot.

Gary Chase August 10, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Another great Parkway shop. They are knowledgeable and friendly. Lots of bike shops make you feel like you're "not worthy" if you're not riding a $1500 bike, but they don't have that attitude here.
cher August 10, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Gary, thank you for your continued support, we both appreciate it.


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