Is Paris Creperie's Food Truck a Nationwide Best Design?

One of the Brookline's food truck, La Tour Eiffel, bringing crepes to the Boston area from Paris Creperie, was nominated for a national best design contest.

Paris Creperie's food truck is now rolling around Brookline, and its pink-and-black design is nominated for a national contest. 

Along with 14 other trucks from around the country, 's La Tour Eiffel is up for public voting in Mobile Cuisine's Best Food Truck Graphic Design contest, and it is the only truck from New England. 

Nick Mallia, Catering and Events Manager for Paris Creperie said he noticed the magazine's twitter account requesting nominations for the contest, and he submitted the truck.

He added that Mobile Cuisine staff had done the judging in the past, but this year they opened it to public voting. At the time of writing, the truck is over 30 votes ahead of the competition. The winner is interviewed by the magazine, and the truck's designer gets some of their work nationally known. 

Said Mallia, "With the truck, we saw an opportunity to do something no one had done before. An opportunity to create a moving billboard, a moving piece of art--as well as delivering a products.

The Parisienne pink-and-black wrapping with a model of the Eiffel Tower over the windshield design of the truck is a creation of Mallia's sister Kristen, a graphic designer who has designed some posters for Brookline Hub.  

The truck is one of five currently operating in , and has a number of events coming up, including upcoming  events, and the Boston Red Dog show. Mallia says it will also be the first food truck in Boston's Pride Parade

To see Paris Creperie's truck, and the other competitors, see the Mobile Cuisine post. The contest concludes on Friday. 


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