Hops and Scotch Aiming for May Opening

Restaurants liquor license approved at last night's Board of Selectmen's meeting, and ownership of the neighboring liquor store's license transferred to his partner.

Owners of a Coolidge Corner liquor store are hoping drinks will be a success where people used to go for dessert. 

With their liquor licenses approved at last night's Board of Selectmen's meeting, Hops and Scotch is set to move into . Owners of the neighboring , Young Hop Ng and Darren Tow, are opening the new restaurant in the neighboring vacant spot.

The restaurant is aiming for a May 1 opening, although the owners acknowledge that, with a lot of work still to do, this date may be a little optimistic. Attorney for the two owners, Robert Allen explained that they have put a significant investment into a facelift for the space, making it ADA-compliant (Americans with disabilities act) and installing fire sprinklers, among other improvements.

Allen added, "This is something they’ve dreamed of for a long time. Darren lives in Brookline, and their goal is to make it a family-friendly restaurant."

Tow will continue to run the neighboring package store, while Ng will move next door to open the two-level dining experience, which will focus on craft beers and scotch varieties, says the Boston Restaurant Talk blog.

“Being in this neighborhood for four years, we’ve kind of gained an understanding of what has traction here,” owner David Ng told American Business Journal on Feb. 15. “We don’t anticipate being a shots or pitchers of beer bar, but more of a restaurant with a bar.”

Brookline Chamber of Commerce President, Lea Cohen said she had been a customer at Coolidge Corner Wine and Spirits since it opened. 

Cohen added, "They’re just great business-poeple, they're very customer service-oriented. I'm sure they will do a great job."

The vote before the Board of Selectmen last night was to transfer ownership of the store's license to Tow, and the license formerly held by Finale to Ng. Both transfers were approved by the Selectmen, the latter on the condition of a formal building permit.

As the ink dried on those plans, we also asked what . 


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