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Fireworks of Frugality at the Frugal Family

Hot fun in the Frugal Summertime!

The Fourth of July celebrations might have left you feeling a little tired and all members of the Frugal Family might have hot dog and hamburger hangovers from the several BBQs you attended.  Here are some relaxing options.


Free Essay Classes – Brookline High School, 115 Greenough St.

Deal:  Right now the schools are on summer vacation and even the most studious Frugal Kids might be opting to hit the pool instead of looking at their summer reading.  But when the leaves start to change, some of them might start applying to colleges and where there are college applications, there are essays.  Help them brush up on their writing skills with a free essay class at Brookline High School.  Everyone needs a refresher when it comes to the essay and here’s a frugal opportunity.
Good Through:  September 24, 2011


 – 385 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain

Deal:  Aside from having some of the coolest, most helpful people on staff, , located at 385 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, has some great deals for those of us who have been working like dogs during these dog days of summer.  If you work at any store in Jamaica Plain, visit this fine establishment on Monday nights from 6 P.M. until close and get two free rentals when you rent just one movie!  Don’t worry about microwaving popcorn.  With the summer heat, the corn might pop on its own!
Good Through:  Until further notice


 – 461 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

Deal:  So we might not be looking for many woolen goods in the middle of July, but has some fun, frugal opportunities that cannot be beat no matter the temperature.  For starters, if you have a sewing project you’d like to try, you can come in and use their sewing machines, free of charge, whenever there isn’t a class in session.  Or if you’re looking for fellow knitters, join them each Thursday at the free Knitting Circle, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Save the sweaters you create for the holidays and save money in the future.
Good Through:  Until further notice


Taiko Drumming at  – 1431 Beacon Street, Brookline

Deal:  Need to get the stress of the hot city streets out of your system?  Stop by , located at 1431 Beacon Street in Brookline on a Friday night for a terrifically fun time of Japanese Taiko Drumming.  You just want to bang on the drum all day, and now you can.  Each class is only $15 and is not only a great lesson in rhythm and music, but you might just find yourself experiencing a little bit of cardio too!
Good Through:  July 15, 2011


 – 1362 Beacon Street in Brookline,

Deal:  This one’s for the Frugal Babies!  At , located at 1362 Beacon Street in Brookline, they’re holding the sweetest little frugal summer event.  From July 29- July 31, they are launching a baby care line with a Natural Baby Green Mom seminar and events.   There will be free gifts and 50% off the Violet Baby Collection and treatments for the mothers!  The frugal family will leave Violet Skin Boutique looking fresh and smelling yummier than a summer breeze!
Good Through:  July 29 – July 31


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