Brookline Booksmith Picks Up Travel Trademarks

The Booksmith gets trademarks from the Globe Corner travel bookstore, and opens up a travel annex.

Coolidge Corner is on its way to becoming a travel prep destination, with the expansion of the Brookline Booksmith's travel section thanks to a recent acquisition. 

The Globe Corner Bookstore, once located in Harvard Square, announced yesterday on its blog that the Booksmith has bought the rights to its website, GlobeCorner.com

"We could not have found a better home for globecorner.com and I am pleased that greater Boston area travelers will continue to have an opportunity to browse a deep and broad selection of travel books and maps," said Old Corner Bookstore President Patrick Carrier.

The Boston Globe reports that Globe Corner's physical store closed in 2011, after 29 years in the business, but Carrier moved it to an online home. 

In the press release, Dana Brigham, co-owner and manager of the 50-year-old Booksmith, said, "In the months since beginning our collaboration with the Carriers, we have been the recipients of an astounding body of knowledge from them. It has been our privilege and pleasure to bring their expertise to our shelves. One of the Globe Corner’s unique and beautiful carved wooden signs now adorns our travel area. We’re excited to be folding more of the Globe Corner into what we do and sharing that with our community and beyond."

Since collaborating with Globe Corner last year, the Booksmith has expanded to well over 2,000 travel maps in their travel annex, which now carries the Globe Corner name. 

The Washington Post observed that travel bookstores have generally fallen prey to a "triple whammy" of Internet ordering, large bookstore chains, and volumes of free travel information on the web. 


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