Debut of a Free Mug Lending Library

Feet of Clay recently launched a new mug lending library that lets participants borrow handmade art for free.

The recent open house at Feet of Clay in Brookline Village was more than just another pottery sale as the studio debuted a mug lending library for participants to share the love through mugs, free of charge.

“There’s a good crowd and there seems to be a lot of interest,” said Jeremy Ogusky, the head of the mug library initiative.

The mug lending program was in Nov. 2010 and recently launched with nine diverse mugs that will ultimately travel to local events and through the hands of participants. Ogusky admits it’s a difficult concept to grasp for many people, but he said he is eager to meet the reception.

“It’s a little premature and people need a little more information because they’re not used to it,” Ogusky said.

The open house brought about 75 visitors to Feet of Clay and although not many people knew much about the library, several said it piqued their interest.

“It makes it kind of interesting when you’re trading and having people drink out of the same mug,” said Sarah Vosnik, a 24-year-old spectator of Winchester.

Others said they weren’t sure how the program would work if something went wrong.

“It’s a cool idea [but] I tend to break things so I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone else’s art,” said Jose Obando, 28, of Roxbury.

The mug lending library brings an intimate experience as it is based on others’ handmade art.

“It’s another way for people to use our mugs and get to know about the studio,” said Christine Shadic, one of the potters who created a mug in the program.

Shadic’s mug, one of nine, was picked through a judging system based on functionality, creativity and craftsmanship. 

Rebecca Furie of Brookline was one of the judges and she began by feeling the mugs first, and then examining details. 

“I especially looked at whether there was anything special about them,” Furie said. She described detailed lines and shapes on each of the mugs.

Even though the selection process was detailed, Furie knew which ones she liked best.

“I wouldn’t say it was tough, the outstanding ones were outstanding,” Furie said.

Ogusky estimates about 25 members signed up for the mug lending library after the debut and Furie said it will likely grow in coming weeks as people visit the studio.  

More information on the mug lending library can be found on Feet of Clay’s website.


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