PHOTOS: Parks Out of Parking Spaces in Coolidge Corner

Several parking spaces in Brookline transform for a day into small parks for Brookline Second foray into Park(ing) Day.

A few of Brookline's parking spaces turned into extensions of Brookline's parks last week, as part of an international art installation project. 

An art gallery in San Francisco started Park(ing) Day in 2005, when they took up a parking spot in the city, and built a smal park in the space. Since then, it has spread from Australia to Austria. Sept. 21 was Brookline's 2nd Park(ing) Day, in part sponsored by the Town of Brookline Department of Public Works. 

Three small parks cropped up in Coolidge Corner, one each outside of the Upper Crust, Otto Pizza and J.P. Licks. As Harvard Street traffic rolled past mere feet from where people played chess, listened to a live piano, and worked on some crafts. 

The three mini-parks were staffed and decorated by a number of local organizations, including: Bountiful Brookline, Brookline Art Makers, Brookline GreenSpace Alliance, Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee, Climate Action Brookline, Geosyntec, Inc. and the Brookline-Quezalguaque Sister City Project.


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