New Jersey Sandy Victims Send Thanks to Medfield

Hurricane Sandy victims send their thanks for the tractor trailer full of donations collected by a local family and the town of Medfield.

Last month, Medfield residents filled a 26-foot tractor-trailer full of donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

This month, the thank you notes are pouring in, say mother-daughter organizers Monica Reid and Kim Joline. 

"Words cannot express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you, your family, and your community for all that you did to help our community during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy," said one letter from Big Brother Big Sisters of Ocean City. "Our families are beginning to rebuild their lives one day at a time because of caring people, people like yourselves; and the town of Medfield, MA." 

Reid also received a phone call from Sue Sedivic, CEO of Big Brother Big Sister.

"She called my mom after the truck arrived saying that we (Medfield) were her heroes and that they were moved by all that we sent," Joline said, adding that she, her mother, and her family have been moved by the notes.

"I felt all along that we (Medfield) donates so much that we could make an impact and those notes confirm that feeling," said Joline whose husband Bruno, father Greg, and daughter Sydney drove the truck to Toms River, New Jersey, where local radio station WJRZ 100.1FM was holding its "Share the Magic, Road to Recovery and Disaster Relief" project to help benefit Ocean County Hunger Relief & Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Jersey Shore Animal Center.

"There were tons of people there and we stuck out," said Joline. "The radio station sent them directly to the warehouse because our truck was bigger than the room in the truck they had for the whole event."

Medfield received a handwritten note of thanks from Magic 100.1's Promotions Director Marie Senkeleski.

"Thank you SO much for your generous donation of a 26-foot UHaul filled with clothes, toys, toiletries, and gift cards (220 boxes)! You really helped maked our 'Share the Magic on the Road to Recovery' drive a HUGE success." 

The latest thank you note arrived on Wednesday from the Jersey Shore Animal Shelter which was hit hard during the superstorm.

"An extraordinary amount of wonderful donations from you, food, clothes, toys, toiletries, gift cards, etc, packed in 220 boxes, have all been put to good use," wrote Executive Director Patricia Wallace. 

The Jolines and Reids own two homes in the Normandy Beach, NJ, area where the families have been vacationing for decades. One house was destroyed, one was not. 

After they delivered the truck of donations, Joline's father, Greg Reid, went back to check on his house.

"In his backyard, my dad found letters that a World War II veteran had written home to his parents and was able to return them to the man who has lost everything else in his oceanfront home."

According to Joline, returning those letters to the WWII vet, Albert Condo, was the highlight of an already-moving trip. 

Editor's Note: See attached photo of Condo with the letters.  

Joline and Reid want to send their own thank you note to the people of Medfield for their generosity.

"My mom and I want to thank everyone who participated with a donation or a hour or more of sorting in the garage," she said. "It was an awesome thing to be involved in for all of us. The area that Sandy destroyed has a long way to go but we feel better knowing we have helped."


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