How Hot is Your House, Brookline?

A thermal imaging company scanned homes in Brookline, and will let you check the pictures out.

Is your home hot? You can find out by checking the thermal scans.

According to a press release from Sagewell, the company drove a hybrid car equipped with thermal cameras around Brookline, taking photos of homes in a number of neighborhoods. If you want to see what they found, visit their website to order the free scans. 

These thermal photos show where heat is leaking out of your home: more red in areas where warmth is escaping, and more blue in better insulated--and therefore cooler--parts of the house. 

At the end of July,  which could keep some of those homes cooler.

Have you gotten a scan? Post your photos using the "Add your photos" button to the right.  

The following is a press release from SageWell, inc.:


Thermal imaging company Sagewell, Inc. is offering Brookline homeowners no-cost, comprehensive home energy assessments to save energy and money. But this is no ordinary home energy assessment. This program uses exterior thermal images to pinpoint exactly where heat is leaking to make the most effective improvements possible. The program is available to all qualifying Brookline homeowners. Homeowners can request their no-cost comprehensive energy assessment and thermal images at www.sagewell.com.

“We are excited about the potential for this program to reduce the energy consumption in Brookline”, says Brad Harkavy, COO of Sagewell Inc. “Thermal images are a real eye opener. It drives homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements to their home which saves money on their heating bills”.

Seeing energy leaking from the house is the first step. Then conducting an in-home energy assessment comes next. It allows homeowners to fully realize the energy savings in their homes. To get started, homeowners go to www.sagewell.com, enter their address in the “Find your home” box, complete the form to request thermal images and a utility-sponsored in-home energy assessment, and then tell friends and neighbors!

Sagewell, Inc. drove through Brookline this past winter with a hybrid vehicle equipped with thermal heat loss sensors to help homeowners see where their homes may be leaking energy. (Some Brookline buildings do not have images because of blocked views from roadways due to trees, bushes or fences between the home and road, or because some streets in Brookline were not covered.)

Sagewell’s thermal images show only heat loss from buildings. They are privacy-protected and available only to homeowners. They are not shared with any third parties without the homeowner’s permission.

There is no cost to homeowners for this program. The in-home energy assessment part of the program, which is already fully paid through utility bill charges, gives qualified homeowners access to substantially discounted energyefficiency products and services, including a 75% insulation discount (up to $2,000) and access to 0% interest loansfor qualified improvements such as single pane window replacement and heating system replacement.

After submitting a request for their thermal images at http://www.sagewell.com, homeowners will be notified via email when their thermal image report is ready. They will also be contacted (if they want) by an approved in-homeenergy assessment company who will carry out the no-cost utility sponsored in-home assessment.

“We hope that people will act quickly to sign up for the program” says Brad. “We want homeowners to save money by making energy improvements before the end of December so they qualify for 2012 utility sponsored improvements.”

For questions or assistance, contact Sagewell at 617-963-8141 or email support@sagewell.com.

For more information, contact Brad Harkavy at 617-963-8140 or email brad.harkavy@sagewell.com

Sagewell Support September 10, 2012 at 02:47 PM
In addition to sharing the thermal images here with the article, please feel free to share them on Sagewell's Facebook page and we will be happy to discuss any insights from your images. This will provide insight to you and your Brookline neighbors, too.
Sagewell Support September 10, 2012 at 06:13 PM
@GoDaddy is currently experiencing technical difficulties, and the Sagewell website is down. Please call 617-963-8141 in order to request your thermal images and in-home energy assessment. We're sorry for any inconvenience.
Sagewell Support September 11, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Sagewell's website is back up and running. We experienced issues yesterday due to GoDaddy outage but we are back up and running and ready to accept your thermal image requests!


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