When You Need to Go, Brookline Restroom Map Tells You Where

Map of local restrooms released by Brookline's Community Aging Network makes it easier to find a place to go, when you're on the go.

Now when you've got to go, BrooklineCAN has a map for that.

The Brookline Community Aging Network, which , added a new feature to its website which maps all of the public and publicly-accessible toilets in town. 

Frank Caro, recent recipient of an , headed the effort to add the guide to the site. 

The three main focuses of the guide are to:

  • Create a list of public toilets
  • Find restaurants willing to welcome BrooklineCAN members
  • List strategies for finding one when you're in a place that doesn't have an open facility

An edited version of BCAN's press release is below: 

Affiliated with the Brookline Senior Center, BrooklineCAN is a volunteer organization whose aims include making Brookline an even better place to live for people of all ages. Launched this past April, BrooklineCAN has already enrolled 300 members.

Under the direction of BrooklineCAN’s co-founder Frank Caro, the Livable Community Advocacy Committee (LCAC) determined that documenting available restrooms was an important service. The committee recently mapped all restrooms in Brookline available on the organization’s website.

As Caro says, “For people on the go, finding a restroom on a timely basis can be essential. Locating a restroom that is open to the public can be a challenge. Fortunately, restrooms can be found in many places in Brookline--and that’s information of importance not only to seniors but also to parents with children and residents and visitors of all ages."

The guide includes an interactive map designating restrooms available throughout the town, highlighting available restrooms in the Coolidge Corner and Brookline Village neighborhoods.

Restrooms may be found in public buildings, libraries, and parks. The guide designates not only the restroom’s address but also region of Brookline, location of restrooms within the buildings, days and hours available and if they are gender specific and handicap accessible.

The guide also lists restaurants that allow BrooklineCAN members to use their restrooms. These restaurants include , , and in Brookline Village; , , and in JFK Crossing; and in Coolidge Corner.

Many businesses allow the public to use their restrooms even though they do not openly commit to doing so. The website guide also suggests strategies for finding restaurants with restrooms not formally open to the public and in other commercial buildings.

For instance, large, counter-service restaurants that feature coffee or sandwiches usually allow non-customers to use their restrooms. Several coffee chains, which have multiple locations in Brookline, are generally open from early morning until late in the evening. All have easily identified restrooms that are immediately visible from the main customer-service area. Usually, the restrooms are open and visitors cango directly to the restrooms without seeking permission from an employee.

As Caro notes, “Employees are too busy behind the counter to monitor routine use of restrooms by customers.”

Other businesses, such as Trader Joe’s grocery in Coolidge Corner, have open restrooms that are easily found. Brookline’s two hotels have restrooms in their public areas. In addition, some businesses have restrooms outside of the customer servicearea but provide access when asked.

Adds Caro, “In many commercial establishments, you can use the restroom without making a purchase. However, we recommend that you make at least occasional purchases at these restaurants and other commercial enterprises if you use their restrooms regularly.”

The Livable Community Advocacy Committee received assistance with thisproject from the Brookline Department of Public Health and the Division of Economic Development. LCAC will continue to call attention to features that make Brookline ahighly livable community.

BrooklineCAN researches services and activities available throughout Brookline and neighboring locations and provides information and links to these services throughits website (www.BrooklineCAN.org) and through an informative monthly newsletter.

For additional information about Brookline Community Aging Network, visit http://www.brooklineCAN.org or call 617-730-2777


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