Awkward After-Work Drinks with The Onion

An excruciating three-minutes with co-workers as satirical news source The Onion sets a "News in Brief" piece in Brookline.

According to The Onion, a group of co-workers met up for drinks in Brookline, feeling "professionally obligated," which became increasingly unpleasant over the course of three minutes. 

See The Onion for the full News in Brief piece

For those unfamiliar with The Onion, it is a satirical news source covering topics from politics to sports to science. The "News in Brief" section of the website is dedicated to short paragraph gags with made-up quotes and situations.

Another "News in Brief" example: NASA Calls It A Mission As Curiosity Rover Fills Up Whole 2-Gigabyte Memory Card 

For Brookline residents and folks familiar with the town, there are a couple of bits of (probably) unintentional humor: ProVantage Solutions, where the excruciating after-work drinkers work is a real company, but the headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina--none of their offices seem to be in Massachusetts. The bar in which the co-workers meet up is Freddy's Bar and Backroom-which isn't actually in Brookline, but in Brooklyn

When it comes to a joke, artistic license is allowed.

Some other Brookline headlines from The Onion over the years: 

Michael & Nomi Burstein August 16, 2012 at 02:39 PM
I remember once seeing the comedian John Hodgman call out Brookline on The Daily Show, which took me by surprise. Then I discovered that he had grown up in Brookline, and it all made sense.
Grahame Turner August 16, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Him and Conan O'Brien both. Hodgman also refers to visiting Internetless Hills, MA from time to time. I think he means out in Western Mass, though. It's funny to see this little town in pop culture references.


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