National Braille Press’ Children’s Braille Book Club Releases December Book of the Month

Print/braille books encourage literacy for blind youth and teach lifelong lessons
Print/braille books encourage literacy for blind youth and teach lifelong lessons

National Braille Press (NBP) has announced today its unique book for the holiday season, Gerald McBoing Boing. December’s Children’s Book Club selection features a book along with an interactive CD that engages the child’s auditory senses. This month’s reading selection encourages braille literacy for youth and helps to teach blind children lifelong lessons and skills. 

Dr. Suess’Gerald McBoing Boing tells a tale about a little boy, Gerald McCloy, who doesn’t use words but only communicates in unusual sounds. Gerald initially has trouble fitting in, until his uniqueness is recognized and celebrated.  This hilarious illustrated tale by Dr. Suess teaches children the importance of accepting and appreciating their unique attributes.  The book comes with a disc of the television series, Gerald McBoing Boing, allowing the children to listen and read along.

National Braille Press’ Children’s Braille Book Club was the first Braille Book Club in the country that featured a new print/braille book each month for children ranging from preschool through third grade. NBP selects popular children’s picture books that can be read by both braille and sighted readers. Each book’s text can stand alone without help from illustrations to tell the story by the insertion of the identical text in braille on clear plastic sheets. NBP sells these print/braille books for the same price as the original print books even though they cost two to three times more to produce in braille. Each month, the Children’s Braille Book Club sends notices in either print or braille describing the book of the month with no obligation to buy.  Those who become members automatically receive a copy of each book of the month for a year

A non-profit braille publisher, National Braille Press promotes literacy for blind children through outreach programs and provides access to information by producing information in braille for blind children and adults. National Braille Press is the premier braille publisher in the US that specializes in producing original braille works written by blind authors expressly for blind people. www.nbp.org


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